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Alfa Leasing Personal Account

Simple process of interaction with the clients

Project objective

Alfa Leasing was striving to make work with clients easy and transparent by giving them possibility to independently track the details on contracts, payments and cars leased.



Key Solutions

Paperwork when and how it is convenient for the client

In their personal account Alfa Leasing client can access information on contracts, amounts and statuses of loans, a schedule and history of payments, as well as the upcoming payments. Information is presented by means of charts and graphs.

The client can both view the information and handle the invoices and certificates: upload the documents or send them by email.

Continuous customer support

Up-to-date information is always at hand and the client does not need to contact company representatives on any issue. But even if they need a consultation, they can get it from the personal account - by contacting a personal manager or support service.

Information that is always at hand

Alfa Leasing customers can easily access the information about the vehicles, contracts and payments.

A convenient search by vehicle registration number and vehicle model makes it easy to find the information you need, and the contract details linked to the cars simplify the navigation for customers with a large number of vehicles on lease.


Alfa Leasing personal account simplifies interaction with the clients, reduces the load on the call center and saves time for both Alfa Leasing employees and their clients.

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