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Alfa Mobile Ukraine

Maximum useful features in a mobile bank

Project objective

As they say in Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), the most convenient bank is the one that is in your smartphone and is always at hand. But the main feature of genuinely good mobile banks is that they never stop developing. It was expanding of a useful feature set and introducing new features that Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) focused on.

We are working on the Alfa-Mobile Ukraine mobile bank within four directions: basic functions, products, transactions, cross-sales. Each area is growing rapidly, that's why since the beginning of cooperation with the bank, the development team has grown 4 times.

Natalya, release manager



Key solutions

Mobile bank for keen travelers

The dream journey begins with a mobile bank - the user activates the Travel bonus card and collects the points while paying, to spend for shopping in tourist categories.

All information is in Alfa-Mobile Ukraine: online scoring, the quantity of traveler's points collected and spent. Another important feature is the direct link from the application to an external travel portal.

Smart payment

Due to making digital cards Google Pay and Apple Pay available, Alfa’s customers can pay for their purchases with a smartphone or a smart watch. What’s more, you can “lodge” the cards into a smartphone directly from the application, and you don’t need to have a plastic card on you or fill in the details manually.

To pay with a smartphone or a smart watch, a client does not need an Internet connection as a digital copy of the card is stored on the device’s secure module. User permission is always required to make even a relatively small payment, which provides an almost 100% guarantee of the safety of our users’ funds

Artemy, iOS developer

Friends in green

You can invite friends to become a client of your favorite bank without logging out of the Alfa-Mobile Ukraine application. A client generates a link and shares it with friends in instant messengers, via SMS or email. When a friend accepts the invitation and applies for a bank card, both the client and the friend receive bonuses - cash on their cards.

Even more useful features

— Login by fingerprint (Touch ID), and FaceID on iPhone X, XS / XS Max, XR and newer
— PUSH purchase notifications
— Siri support
— Payments and transfers by account number, card number and phone number
— Card number scanning by a phone camera
— Buying foreign currency online
— Quick (within 2 min) card order for currency purchase
— Support of three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English)
— Search for the nearest ATMs and getting the directions to them


Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) customers appreciated the new design and feature set - app ratings on the App Store and Google Play grew almost twice.

Alfa-Mobile Ukraine application received the prestigious award of the PaySpace Magazine ranking the 3rd among the best mobile bank applications in Ukraine.

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