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Levuro: contextual search on the site

Search for content of any kind

Project objective

The Swiss company Levuro approached us with a proposal to create a search powered by the ElasticSearch engine for their site



Key solutions

Convenient and smart search

After the implementation of a new powerful search by content, visitors of the website can easily find the content they need regardless of its kind: regular pages, videos, blog posts, user profiles. Autofill, auto-correction and word forms are used to facilitate the search. Search data is taken from html pages, postgresql databases and JackRabbit non-relational storages.

Find exactly what you need

What if a user searches only for video content? Or the content in English only? Or probably only in a certain region?

To provide the users with a quick access to relevant content we introduced the possibilities of content search adjustment according to the selected conditions, support of different languages and binding the search to geographic regions, as well as special scoring features.


With the new powerful search users of got the opportunity to easily find the content of any kind in any language in any region, and the resource owners got an increase in visitors’ time spent on the site and positive reviews.

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