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Alfa Private

Premium banking for preferred customers and their families

Project objective

The main objective of the first release of alfa Private was clear visualization of all the client’s assets, as well as the display of offers from the bank’s partners in the lifestyle category.


UI/UX Design

Key Solutions

All assets on one screen

Well-off bank customers normally entrust asset management to their trustees and only control the assets themselves.

Thus, Alfa Private becomes the main control tool - the application displays all the data on the changes in equity, investments and funds in trust. Alfa Private user can see the absolute bottom line for all their assets, and always in real time.

Currency portfolio solutions

The application makes it possible to conveniently recalculate assets in the main currencies of the portfolio and filter products by currencies, which helps Alfa Private customers make strategic decisions more accurately.

Alfa Private customers diversify their assets in different currencies, so one of the key design tasks was visual image of the client’s currency portfolio. We decided to use the charts, explored lots of options and settled on the pie chart - it clearly illustrates the ratio of a selected currency to the entire portfolio.

Evgenia Chernina, designer

Personal touch

Personalized partner offers are available in the mobile application for Alfa Private clients, and you can use the selected offer directly from the application or by contacting your financial adviser.

With the help of the application customers can also learn about the unique investment products offered by alfa Private, switch to a contrasting dark color scheme, as well as activate the option of logging in confirmation by biometric identification.


alfa Private is Russia's first mobile application for well-off clients.

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