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WASL Integrator

Creation of an integrated system based on GPS / GLONASS monitoring

Project objective

There are strict regulations of cargo shipping in Saudi Arabia- the Public Transport Authority controls the movement of trucks (location, speed, weight of cargo) and the drivers. To fulfill the requirements of the law, the customer needed the integration of two platforms: the Wasl state system and the Wialon platform, which receives telematics data from their trucks.



Key solutions

Companies, trucks and drivers registration

When signing in on Wasl, a carrier does not need to transfer the details manually - they are imported from the Wialon database. You can import and send for registration one or more companies, its drivers and trucks.

Wialon and Wasl confirm the registration, which means that the carrier company has received the official permit for freight traffic through the territory of Saudi Arabia.

Information is collected by sending combinations of requests to the API Wialon. Based on the information received, the body and parameters of the request are formed for registration objects in Wasl. Wasl response is analyzed, and depending on the results of the analysis, the registration statuses that are displayed to the user are determined.

Nikolay Baranich, business analyst

According to WASL requirements

Vehicle location update depends on the status and its change - when in transit, the information is updated every 2 minutes, when a truck is at a stop - every 60 minutes, when the status changes - immediately.

The data is transmitted to Wasl, enabling the carrier to work out the most efficient routes and speed modes and eliminate vehicle misuse.


The integration of the Wialon and Wasl platforms made it possible to register companies, trucks and drivers, as well as introduce automation the registration of the current vehicle location and its status in Wasl.

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