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Application that will make your car even smarter and safer

Project objective

Car owners allow other family members to drive their cars. Here comes the need to track the location of the car and its movement, control the speed and fuel levels - in short, to make the use of the car more comfortable and safe.

Our task was to implement these and other features in the logbook application for Android in collaboration with one of the leading Russian IT companies, the developer of the connected cars platform.



Key solutions

Vehicle control anywhere

With the WayJornal app you can trust a friend with a car light-heartedly. Thanks to the remote control and the logbook journal, you can track all the movements of the car, speed, perimeter overreach, fuel rate. Vehicle impoundment notifications are also available to the user. And the video records of all road situations stored in the cloud will help to handle difficulties.

Careful driving bonuses

WayJornal not only records the car’s route and helps you get directions, but also awards points for careful driving. When obeying traffic regulations a user receives points, which are then converted into fully comprehensive insurance discounts.


With the WayJournal app, car owners have the opportunity to remotely control their car, as well as receive fully comprehensive insurance discounts.

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